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COVID-19 Preventative Measures: We are operating as normal with physiotherapy and massage services, while maintaining high standard of hygiene within the clinic to minimise any potential cross infection between people, including anti-microbial bed cover, disinfectant spray, alcohol wipe down of face pad and disposable face cover. All our therapists and staffs are full vaccinated against COVID-19. For each client, wearing a mask is preferred, check in upon your arrival and use the hand sanitiser before and after appointment. Be reassured, our waiting area is disinfected regularly throughout the day. Therapists will be wearing masks to accommodate social distance. Despite these preventive measures in place, we do advise people who are feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms such as fever, coughing , sore throat etc, or have had contact with person who has positively tested for COVID-19, please get tested and self-isolated until test result received and review by your Doctor before coming for an appointment. For the well being of our staffs, other clients and the local community, your understanding is greatly appreciated. Always keeping good hand hygiene is very important for each person. We need to continue to work together to prevent spread of COVID-19 in the community. For appointment, the best way is book online. Otherwise call us on 3832 2125.

At Spring Hill Physiotherapy 市區物理治療診所 (established 2004 in Brisbane), we provide comprehensive physiotherapy management program ensuring the best possible outcome for each individual client in the shortest possible time frame plus preventative strategies for recurrence.  We target the root of your problem, the holistic way.  

Arm pain does not always mean there is something wrong with the arm locally.  Do not give up physiotherapy until you have seen us!

We also provide high quality Therapeutic Massage by our highly qualified therapists to give you the best massage experience you have ever had!!  It is not just relaxation, also tension management.  Come and feel the difference~

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Why choose Spring Hill Physiotherapy as your preferred clinic for pain relief?

  • Receive free massage as loyalty reward
  • Private treatment room for your privacy
  • Take control of your chronic pain not relieved by any other treatments.  Stop putting up with pain and enjoy life!
  • Hands-on approach with treatment and one-on-one session
  • Acupuncture/dry needling as part of physiotherapy intervention to fast track your recovery, the holistic way
  • Friendly service for all age groups

Physiotherapy Brisbane

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People suffering from a back pain in Brisbane can consider seeking an appointment with a Physiotherapist. The definition says that he is a health care expert, whose primary job is to repair musculoskeletal impairments and disability and increase mobility and improve the quality of daily life for their patients. Now in this age of online websites, one will certainly run into plenty of such professionals operating in Brisbane or its immediate vicinity. However, if the pain is huge and the discomfort is high, then the key will be to locate the best amongst professionals providing physiotherapy in Brisbane. In fact, anyone needs to be on the lookout for such quality physiotherapists. Data suggests that as high as 80% of humans experience pain in the lower back at some time.

Physiotherapist Brisbane

It can be a tough job. Other than locating a quality physiotherapist, one may also have to locate someone who has the proper infrastructure. A massage can be taken anywhere. However, there is virtually no comparison to a massage table. It provides the highest level of comfort. People, who have at some stage interacted with physiotherapists/massage therapists in Brisbane, say that there is simply no comparison to the expertise of Spring Hill Physiotherapy. There are plenty of reasons as to why they are the best in town.

They boast of the best in terms of infrastructure and massage quality. Every patient seeking physiotherapy/therapeutic massage is assigned a private room. The focus is to fast track the session while providing a holistic approach. They offer much more than a simple massage in Brisbane. Patients suffering from arthritis, neck pain, cervicogenic headache, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and a host of other sporting injuries can certainly look up to them for solutions.

Patients in search for massage therapist in Brisbane will relish the mixture of quality work and affordable quotes on offer. For example, a 15 minute deep tissue massage will cost only $30. A half an hour session will cost $50. It is value for money by mean of high quality standards. Hence, anyone,who has problems can certainly look to call up the hotline number and book. The number is 3832 2125. Physiotherapists Brisbane, Back Pain Brisbane, Therapeutic Massage Brisbane, Physiotherapy Brisbane

Career opportunity:

We always welcome new therapist to join our team~  If you are highly motivated to utilise your clinical expertise to assist people managing musculoskeletal conditions, please email your CV to   New graduate welcome to apply.

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